SP-45 Roof Repairs

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The work was divided into 4 sections of work, the shingle roof, gravel surfaced areas, miscellaneous repairs, and silicone roof coating.  The shingle portion of work includes removal of shingles down to wood deck, installation of new ice and water shield on eaves and synthetic underlayment on remaining areas, installation of new algae resistant 30 yr. asphalt dimensional shingles and all associated accessories and flashings, and removal of copper gutter.  The gravel surfaced area repairs include making all necessary repairs to all wall/curb flashing on gravel surfaces roofs using a three course method of cement and fabric and installation of fibered aluminum roof coat to all vertical seams on gravel surfaced roofs. The miscellaneous repairs work includes caulking panels in store front frame at 2 locations, terminating the EPDM at high to low roof counter flashings where adhesion has failed, repairing any failing caulk joints at roof counter flashings, and removal of gutters from southwest comer of roof.  Finally, the silicone scope of work included removal of all debris/dirt from modified bitumen roof surfaces to receive coating in preparation for roof coating, cleaning the roof area to receive new coating with manufacturers specified cleaner, and installation of new Silicone roof coating and all associated accessories as specified by manufacturer to the roof penetrations, equipment curbs.