SDA-211 Roof Replacement


Description: This work includes a roof replacement at SDA-211, a single-story warehouse in the DLA warehouse district that has a low-slope high-bay roof flanked by two lower bay roofs along the long axis of the facility.

Since its initial construction in the 1940s, the facility roof has been replaced several times, the
most recent which transitioned to a modified bitumen roofing system. This roof has been tied to increasing reports of recent water infiltration, as its roof has met its life expectancy, and as such is in need of replacement with a granular-surfaced modified bitumen roof system. This system includes, but is not limited to roof insulation, base-flashing, counter-flashing, expansion joints, masonry-thru-wall flashing, edge fascia, gutters, downspouts, equipment removal and reinstallation, and modification of the clerestory wall for proper flashing height.

Repairs and renovations shall not interrupt facility operation during construction. The project size was 60,448 SF.